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Best way to earn passive income with crypto.

Hello friends, welcome to my blog, so here we will talk about crypto. All of you must have heard about Ethereum and Bitcoin, but do you know that it is not the only way to earn money only by trading in them, so let us know which is the way by which you can earn passive income. Before we talk further, this method will prove to be effective for those who have Ethereum and Bitcoin and want to hold them for a long time. Today we will talk about ways by which you can create passive income from your bitcoin and ethereum.

What is Decentralized Exchange?

Decentralized Exchange is such an exchange in which you do not need KYC i.e. you do not need to share any of your personal information. So there is one such exchange that we will talk about today.


 This is a platform in which you can provide
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What is crypto and how to earn money with crypto in 2022.

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As you might have heard crypto is a decentralized economy or a payment system but wait does this make any sense I believe not as much it should have been therefore in this blog post i will breakdown every aspect of decentralization.

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